Being strong – Is it only for women???

In today’s world we are approaching towards gender equality (which is very good). I would say we have not yet completely arrived there. We usually discuss on women equality. But this time we are going to talk about men, who are being overlooked in our thirst to women upliftment.

Nowadays film industry is coming up with very good scripts that revolve around women. They have proved that a movie can be successful even without a hero character. These movies have played a very good part in building confidence in women.

‘Being strong’, has been a buzz word recently. We admire and talk about a woman who takes care of the family and fights for her opportunities. But do we do the same for men??? In today’s world, both men and women are being exposed to challenges the same way. Everyone has problems to face both in family, workplace, society etc. But I feel we never acknowledged a men’s sacrifice and the ‘Being strong’ quality the same way as we do for a women.

So lets start recognizing men as well, so that we actually bring about gender equality!!!

Note: Don’t start to guess my gender now 😛

Right or Wrong !!

Can one be ‘Right’ all the time? Can one be ‘Wrong’ all the time? What is right and what is wrong? We have been hearing these two words since childhood. Have you felt that its definition keeps changing as we grow and evolve through life? The definition is rarely constant in life. It’s definition also differs from people to people. What is right is ‘Right’ for you, may not be right for others also. That’s the beauty of human life.

Lets analyze this with an example. From our young age we would have been asked to obey our parents. We too would have followed this. If we disobey them, its considered ‘Wrong’ (childhood definition, specific to this scenario). But as we grow, we start taking some decisions on our own, even though parents disapprove it. Is this is wrong (as per our childhood definition)??? But we consider it as ‘Right’ (as per new definition in this instance of life). What was once wrong, is now right in this stage of life. Our parents might still consider this as wrong. So, this chain keeps moving.

Thus due to different perspectives, anything can be ‘Wrong’ and ‘Right’ at the same time. Broad mindedness is the only solution for this, from ‘My Perspective’. Again, this solution too can’t be right all the time, but at least most of the time, according to me.

What are your thoughts on this?!